Below are the Rules that apply to all divisions of Cricket within the Western bay of Plenty (Primary, Intermediate & College).

See the individual Competition tabs for the playing rules that apply to each division.


These are the rules for each division of Junior Cricket up to and including Intermediate level.

The following principles apply to all levels of cricket and must be adhered to at all times.

Umpires should:

  • Be trained in the game’s rules and applying them fairly and consistently
  • Encourage fair play
  • Always be firm but friendly
  • Help players to understand the rules
  • Enforce disciplinary action appropriate to the level of misconduct.

Players should:

  • Understand the rules before starting the game
  • Play fair and within the game’s rules
  • Respect the umpires/referee’s call by not challenging their decision
  • Respect their opponents.

Coaches should:

  • Emphasise the guidelines of fair play to all players
  • Make sure all players know the rules
  • Accept all calls by the umpires and not try to influence them
  • Speak out against violence, poor behaviour and cheating
  • Respect the officials and their decisions.

Parents/supporters should:

  • Respect the umpires/ and their decisions
  • Encourage the players to play fair
  • Support their team positively.

                                                                         Good Sport is about Positive Attitude